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First Taste of Gibbs’ Hot Wings

“The home of the best hot wings in town.” That’s what Gibbs’ Hot Wings have been famous for and ever since I’ve heard good stories about Gibbs’, I have always wanted to try their famous chicken wings. But Gibbs’ Hot Wings was honestly out of my way that’s why I never had the chance. But just last week, I received an invite from Philip of CebuFinest for a food tasting at no other than, Gibbs’ Hot Wings! I knew I just couldn’t pass on this chance so I confirmed. And I’m really glad that I did! 

Gibbs’ Hot Wings started when Coy Oliva, the owner, would serve his hot wings recipe to his friends as their pulutan. They loved it, his friends started ordering, word got out, so they decided to open a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in their home at Holy Family Village II in Banilad, Cebu. People started coming and craving for the mysterious hot wings recipe that Gibbs’ Hot Wings gained a huge and loyal following. This led them to expand and look for a bigger space to cater more customers. Now, they are located at the Streetscape Lifestyle Mall in Banilad and customers are still flocking in. 

During the food tasting, we were served their best-sellers, mainstays, and the newbies in Gibbs’ hot menu.


For starters, we had the Mozza Sticks, Wedges, and Nachos. I loved all three but it was the Nachos that I loved the most. 


For the pasta, they served us their Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara and the newest addition to their menu, the Three-Cheese Tuna Pesto. The carbonara was delicious and creamy but the Three-Cheese Tuna Pesto was the bomb. The tuna and pesto combination was perfect and the spicy flavor added an amazing twist too. 


Now, the main event. I got all giddy and hyped up when the chicken wings were served on the table. I was so excited to try them because it was the perfect time to finally try Gibbs’ famous hot wings. Why? Because it was dinner time and I was hungry! LOL. 

The King Curry Wings is the newest flavor that Gibbs’ has offered for everyone to try. The chicken wings are heavily coated with the savory and creamy curry sauce. I love that you can still taste the curry flavor inside and not just in the coating. 

The Angel Wings is the best complement to Gibbs’s Hot Wings. The chicken wings are bathed in their own cream, cheese and garlic sauce, and Parmesan cheese. When I first took a bite, I fell in love. This is definitely my newest favorite chicken wing flavor up to date. Just like the King Curry Wings, the creamy flavor is nuot-to-the-bones! When we already finished off all the chicken wings, Philip and I spooned the sauce that’s left in the plate. It’s that good! 

It was my first time to every try wasabi and I somehow regretted it. Haha. Don’t get me wrong, these chicken tenders were delicious but I just didn’t like the wasabi. I love spicy flavors but the wasabi has a different kind of pungency because it gets in to your nose! Lol. But if you’re a wasabi fan, then this dish is a must-try. 

When you dine at Gibbs’ Hot Wings, your experience will never be complete without choosing at least one of the five levels of hotness: Hot, Original, Insanely Hot, 2intense, and Freakin’ Hot. The first level is Hot and the mind-blowing spicy flavor is Level 5 or the Freakin’ Hot. That night, they served us the Original Hot Wings (Level 2) and it was a bit mind blowing for me already but I loved it. I think I ate two pieces and every after piece, I took one Angel Wing to ease out the hotness. Which is why I mentioned earlier that the Angel Wings is the best companion when you order one of their hot wings. 

If you’re brave enough, blow your mind with the Freakin’ Hot chicken wings and tell me your experience in the comments below! 🙂 

Overall, I enjoyed my first taste of the famous Gibbs’ Hot Wings and the non-spicy fares. And I’m looking forward to my second, third, fourth, and many more dining experience at Cebu’s first hot chicken wings! Thank you, Sir Coy Oliva, for having us! Gibbs’ is indeed the best hot wings in town! 

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