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First Time Chef Kitchen And Bar

“For every first time is special!” — that’s what the newest food stop called First Time Kitchen and Bar is all about. Though I’m not sure why it’s named “First Time Chef” but I’m pretty sure that they serve savory chicken wings, must-try pesto-herbed porkchop, delicious batchoy, and crazy milkshakes! 

First Time Chef Kitchen and Bar is located in Maroo Arcade which is beside City Time Square 2 and right across Parkmall in Mandaue City. The space is small and cozy and when we went there, I was honestly surprised how the place was already packed at 11:30AM! I think the restaurant is still a month old and having a full house on weekdays and during lunch time already says a lot! This newest restaurant is absolutely a must-visit! 

If you love batchoy, a noodle soup made with pork organs, crushed pork cracklings or chicharon, chicken stock, and beef loin (source: Wikipedia), then you should really try the famous Nonoy’s Original La Paz Batchoy served at First Time Kitchen and Bar. I’m not really a batchoy fan or noodles in general, but this La Paz batchoy, I give a two thumbs up! 

Unlimited Chicken Wings and Rice for only Php 199!

Yes, you read that right! First Time Kitchen and Bar serves unlimited chicken wings! If you have read my blog post about my first Unlimited Chicken Wing experience, and you’re curious which restaurant serves more delicious chicken wings, to be honest, I give the crown to First Time Kitchen and Bar! And I’ll tell you more about it below. 

Chicken Wing Flavors:

Unlike Burrow Lounge (this is where I had my first unlimited chicken wing experience), First Time Kitchen and Bar only has four flavors as you can see on the photos above. The reason why I loved their chicken wings more is because the flavors are not too overwhelming. Well I can’t tell if it’s the same with the spicy-flavored chicken since I was not able to try it, nevertheless, their chicken wings are fairly way, way better. I can tell which one is the teriyaki and which is the barbecue-flavored. 

And if I were to pick my favorite flavors, I will definitely go for the Garlic Parmesan and Teriyaki. Their chicken were really well-seasoned and flavored and all I wanted was to savor everything including the bones! In short, their unlimited chicken wings are so good! And for only Php 199 you can already enjoy the chicken wings with unlimited rice too! It’s very affordable and student/family-friendly! 

I mentioned earlier that First Time Chef Kitchen and Bar serves crazy milkshakes. This is called Strawberry Crumble Milkshake however, I cannot tell you if it’s delicious though since I was not able to try it as well, but in terms of presentation, their milkshake is crazily awesome that you can’t resist it! 

I tell you, though the restaurant is called First Time Chef Kitchen and Bar but I’m sure you will go back for the second, third, fourth, and fifth time! Because I will go back there too to try their pest-herbed porkchop and their milkshakes! 

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