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My 6 First Times at Brewer’s Kitchen

Brewer’s Kitchen is a new gastropub here in Cebu where you will have a taste of the beer-and-food pairing experience. Because wine and food paring is quite mainstream, yeah? Here they have ample gastronomic dishes to choose from their menu that perfectly goes well with their wide array of imported and craft beers. It was actually my first time to be in a gastropub (I guess this should have been included in the list?), thanks again to Zomato, so here’s also a list of my other “first time” experiences at Brewer’s Kitchen. 

1. See more than 100 different kinds of beer

What Brewer’s Kitchen boasts is that they have more than 100 imported beers, 9 handcrafted fresh beers in draft, and almost 40 kinds of single malts and popular liquors from around the world. There’s a lot of beers to choose from, don’t you think? But take note, their list is still growing! More beers to come for y’all! 

2. Eat a “legit” rolled pizza

This may not be everyone else’s first time, but it was for me. Usually when I eat thin crust pizzas, I roll them and eat them in one go. But that doesn’t count, yeah? At Brewer’s Kitchen, finally I was able to eat a “legit” rolled pizza and it was the bomb! It was a 3-cheese pizza and it was sooooo delicious that I ate three pieces of it. Oops! 

3. Taste Draft Wine

Have you heard of a Draft Wine? Because I haven’t. And Brewer’s Kitchen is the first ever Cebu gastropub that offers this. They have an Italian Merlot wine served from a draft or a tap. It was a pleasure to be one of the first to taste a draft wine and it was quite good. I’m just not a fan of wines though. 

4. Eat hanging skewers

Have you seen skewers that were hung? I haven’t. That’s why it was a first for me at Brewer’s Kitchen. When it came out from the kitchen I was in awe. I have honestly not seen anything like that before. These skewers in a rack do not just look good but they taste really good! And in case you’re wondering, this dish is a mix of Thai Pork, Lemongrass Chicken, Veal Sausage, and Hungarian Sausage. YUMMM! 

5. See unique food plating

I have seen lots of nice food plating before but never unique. At Brewer’s Kitchen, you’ll be delighted to see how your food is served and plated. They look too good to be true and picture perfect. But Brewer’s Kitchen is not just proud of their impressive plating but their food are very good too. They served us their recommended house specialties and I have to say that you should not miss these dishes when you pay a visit! 

6. Taste Draft Beer

If there’s a Draft Wine, of course, there’s a Draft Beer. It wouldn’t be a brewery without beer, right? Brewer’s Kitchen serves popular draft beers such as Hoegaarden and Stella Artois. But what I was able to try was the Creamy, Chocolate Dark Beer. I took one shot glass and bam! I went home with a dizzy head. I have always wondered why I have low tolerance with beers than hard drinks! Haha. Anyway, the Chocolate Dark Beer has 9% alcohol content so be careful if you have a low liquor tolerance. 

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