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My First Sunset Cruise Experience

Back then, I had this “formal” bucket list where I literally wrote everything I wanted to try and achieve. But through the years, my list grew and grew until I couldn’t keep up and I got tired of writing them all. Now, I still have a bucket list but it’s kind of “imaginary.” I know what I want to accomplish and I just want to tick them all off randomly. And of course, riding in a yacht is definitely one of the things I included in my imaginary bucket list. So when I received an invite to go on a summer yacht cruise, I eagerly said yes! 

The Sunset Cruise was made possible by International Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPI) to make us feel how relaxing it would feel by just chilling in a yacht, drinking cocktails, chitchatting with friends, breathing fresh air, and enjoying a beautiful view while the sun sets. This is in relation to their product, Efficascent Relaxing Oil (ERO), which is increasingly gaining loyal following because of its amazing effect in helping calm the body’s stressed nerves, thus making you feel relaxed. 

It isn’t my first time to hear about ERO actually since I’ve already used it back then. I used it by rubbing the ERO onto my temples to help relieve my headaches and dizziness. I especially love its minty scent and the cooling effect because of its peppermint and eucalyptus extracts. That’s why when we were given bottles of Efficascent Relaxing Oil at the Sunset Cruise event, I can’t help myself but keep on sniffing it. Haha. I think I’m addicted!

It was also a delight to be with my blogger friends who I honestly haven’t seen for a while. The moment we rode on the yacht, we immediately grabbed the opportunity to take photos acting as ignorant as we could be since it was all our first time to be on a yacht cruise. 

I think it was around 4PM when we rode on the yacht and I’m quite proud of myself that I still managed to flash a smile despite the scorching heat of the sun. Special thanks to Chanel for capturing this “special” moment! Haha

Basically, it was an afternoon filled with good food, multiple photo-taking sessions, catching-up conversations with my blogger friends, and of course, relaxing. Relaxing in a way where we gave each of ourselves a quiet “me” time while savoring the magnificent view of the wide ocean, breathing the fresh cool air, and temporarily forgetting the city stress and negative vibes. To be honest, I’m having a hard time putting my sunset cruise experience into words so I’ll let the photos speak for it. 

I haven’t seen a lot of sunsets yet so this one has to be the best one so far that made my heart flutter. I was astounded by how a simple and natural phenomenon can be so beautiful. And I can’t thank IPI enough for the chance to witness this beauty and for helping me tick off one thing from my bucket list. It was absolutely an extraordinary experience that I will forever cherish. 

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