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Osmeña Peak: My First Hiking Experience

After how many hopes and wishes, finally, I have conquered Cebu’s highest peak — Osmeña Peak! Hurray! Back then, whenever I see posts of people going on hikes and treks, my default comment is, “When will I ever try it myself?”. And I am just so happy that finally I made it. It was after we went to Dalaguete Beach Park when we went for a hike to Osmeña Peak because we were hoping to witness the beautiful sunset from the peak. Unfortunately, Mr. Sun hid on us but nevertheless, my first hiking experience was definitely worthwhile. 

I eagerly Googled the exact time that the sun would set so we can adjust our departure time from the resort we checked in. The sun would set at 5:59 PM that day. And it was around 3:30 when we left. They said it was merely a 30-minute hike and the trail was easy. 

I was excited to accomplish my first hike experience but at the first five to ten minutes, I was already panting heavily. We took a few stops for picture taking which greatly helped me rest and catch my breath. Also, who wouldn’t be motivated to reach the peak when you see lots of beautiful things nature has to offer? 

While on our way to the top, we saw Mr. Sun peeking behind the clouds and we hoped he would come out sooner. 

But alas! Our chasing-the-sunset mission failed. Either Mr. Sun was too shy to show himself or the clouds loved the exposure. When we reached the peak, all we saw were different groups of people taking photos, the beautiful mountains, and clouds. The clouds were all over the place. But the view was breathtaking still. It was windy and cool too. 

I lost track of time so I’m not sure how long we stayed at the peak. I believe it was just enough for us to witness the magnificent view and enough for me to know how it feels to reach the top. It was amazing. It was awesome. And I’m looking forward to more hikes soon. But I’m a beach person so I will be taking this new venture in my #wanderlustgoals slowly but surely. 

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