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Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro Launches Dessert Ramen

“Who says you can’t play with food?” That’s what the owners, Kate Tiffany Yu and Chef Masaki Tsuji, live by when it comes to coming up with new food offerings for Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro. A few months ago, they launched the very first Dew Droplet Cake or more commonly known as Raindrop Cake here in Cebu. And now, they are launching another unique dessert that will surely satisfy every Cebuano’s curious palate. 

It was last week when I was invited back at Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro together with other food bloggers. I was so happy to be invited knowing that again, we will be one of the first few people who will be given the chance to try their new offerings for the first time. When I saw their sponsored ad on Facebook page about their Dessert Ramen, I was so excited and I hoped I get to try it too. Luckily, the invitation was heaven-sent! Anyway, you’ll know what I’m talking about at the later part of this post. For now, why don’t we go through their equally good appetizers first? Shall we? 

Bang Bang Chicken – Php 220

This dish may have a funny name (because bang bang refers to the childish term for gun shot) but it seriously tastes good. The chicken meat was really tender and the sauce went well with it. 

Caprese with Basil Miso Sauce – Php 180

At first glance, I was not really enticed to try this because I’m not really a fan of huge tomato slices. But I was so glad that I braved myself to try this because it was really good. I’m pretty sure it was the Basil Miso Sauce that did the magic. 

Smoked Salmon – Php 220

Of all the appetizers that were served to us that day, this Smoked Salmon was the best! Because who doesn’t love salmon? It was perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned. Those tiny beans (I don’t know what to call them) tasted a little weird though but the salmon itself was amazing. 

Onion Gratin Soup – Php 250

This was a bit the same with their Rice Gratin only that when you break through the pastry crust, you’ll be welcomed with a really tasty soup instead of rice. 

Sisig Quesadilla – Php 200

This was something very new to me as well. I’ve tried chicken and beef in a quesadilla but never sisig. I applaud Skillet for doing well with what they do well — experimenting, because this sisig quesadilla was so good! 

All Matcha Dessert Buffet

Alright, so here we are in the dessert part now. A few months back, Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro had a dessert buffetevery third Saturday of the month and due to some reasons, they weren’t able to keep it up. So now, rejoice you guys because they’re bringing it back starting on February 18! That day they will be launching their dessert buffet comeback with an all matcha-flavored desserts such as cheesecakes and crepes. Unlimited matcha desserts for you matcha lovers out there and for only Php 499 per person! 

Matcha Crepe

I’m not a matcha fan but this crepe will definitely suit the taste buds of those who love matcha. The crepe was a bit dry and the matcha powder was too strong. But don’t you worry guys because Kate was such a good sport and she told us to relay our comments to Chef Masaki and make some adjustments to make sure that when February 18 comes, you’ll have a one of a kind matcha dessert experience! 

Matcha Cheesecake

Another dessert they’ll be offering on the dessert buffet is this Matcha Cheesecake. This was the better one for the most of us who tried both desserts. The matcha flavor of the cheesecake wasn’t too strong so it’s very acceptable for the non-matcha lovers’ palates. 

Dessert Ramen

And here’s what I have been talking about earlier! The Dew Droplet Cake was definitely a huge craze that hit the Queen City of the South and I’m pretty sure this Dessert Ramen will be as huge a craze too! I love ramen and desserts in their individual forms but I never knew that combining these two would create such a perfect dessert. IWho ever knew ramen could be a dessert, right? And hey, I’m not exaggerating this guys because really this Dessert Ramen is just damn too good. And unlike the Dew Droplet Cake, this Dessert Ramen comes in three flavors: MatchaBlack Sugar Syrup, and Mango

Kate was so generous to let us have one Dessert Ramen each so we can have a personal experience with this unique dessert. I chose the Mango flavor, of course, and it was heaven in my mouth. Though it was quite a struggle to savour the ramen with a pair of chopsticks (trust me the jelly-like ramen noodle slips from your chopsticks!) but it was really worth it. I also loved that they added some mango, watermelon, and mochi balls. It added texture and flavor to the Dessert Ramen. I honestly can’t fully describe this dessert because it requires that you personally try them for yourself! Or you can also watch my video below and see how I enjoyed this uniquely good Dessert Ramen! 

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