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Sure Thing Chicken Wing

Can I ask you a little favor? Sure thing! Chicken wing! Who would’ve thought that this expression would be such a cool name for a restaurant? Sure Thing Chicken Wing is one of the newcomers in the “chicken wing” chain of restaurants. We all know that here in the metro, there are already lot of restaurants serving their own versions of multi-flavored chicken wings. But what makes it different from others? 

First and foremost, Sure Thing Chicken Wing is not the place where you eat all you can. If you’re the type who loves to eat 20 pieces of chicken wings, then look for other options such as Papart’s Diner and Cafe or First Time Chef Kitchen and Bar

But if you simply want to try something new, checking out Sure Thing Chicken Wing is definitely the best thing to do.

Another thing that I did not have from other chicken places is the all-time classic favorite, potato chips. At Sure Thing Chicken Wing, they call it the Hakuna Patatas! The part-owner of the restaurant, Carlo Borromeo, surely is a genius when it comes to making up names, no? The Hakuna Patatas are unsalted potato chips because they wanted the customers themselves to sprinkle the salt according to their liking. The chips are cooked on the spot so they’re really crispy when served. 


One of the chicken wing flavors and the bestseller at Sure Thing Chicken Wing is the Gangnam. The chicken wings are coated in a sweet and spicy sauce in a Korean way. 

Honey Glazed

This is what I really loved the most. Because I have a sweet tooth, this Honey Glazed flavor was perfect to my palate. Chicken wings are coated in a sweet and tangy honey sauce that gives it a unique taste. 

Lastly, what makes Sure Thing Chicken Wing different from the chicken places I have tried is that their chicken wings are definitely much tastier and crispier. I was so amazed how after the chicken wings were soaked with sauces, when you take a bite, it’s still very crispy. And surprisingly, you also get to savor the flavor of the sauce inside which is a two thumbs up for me. And if you ask me will I come back again? I say, SURE THING CHICKEN WING! 

Chicken Wing Flavors: New Yorker, Gangnam, Pinoy, Honey Glazed

Quatro (4 pcs.) – Php 99
Ocho (8 pcs.) – Php 179
Doce (12 pcs.) – Php 299

Chick N Chips (2 pcs. Chicken Wings + Potato Chips + Iced Tea) – Php 69
Pinoy Meal (2 pcs. Chicken Wings + Rice + Iced Tea) – Php 69
Barkada Blowout (12 pcs. Chicken Wings + 6 Beers) – Php 499

Side Orders:
Hakuna Patatas – Php 30
Rice – Php 15 

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