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Top Six Things I Love About The Bellevue Bohol

“Hi Janine, I follow your Instagram account and adore your wonderful posts about your travel. If you have a chance, I’d love it if you’d take a look at visiting The Bellevue Resort Bohol. I think it might be of interest to your readers.” This was the email that until now, still catches me off guard. I never thought that a mediocre blogger like me would get noticed and even receive an invite to be part of a familiarization trip to one of the leading five-star resorts in the Philippines — The Bellevue Bohol! Until now, I’m still in awe and I still have vivid memories from that three-day stay in my heart and in my mind. Charot! Haha.

When I received that email invite, my heart was pounding so hard and my smile went up to my ears. I read the email over and over again to check if I was only dreaming. You may be wondering how this was such a big deal for me, because you see, I have to be honest that I cannot afford luxury trips and staycations. And The Bellevue Bohol was one of the resorts that was on my list and God, who knows when I could afford to spend a night or two there? That’s why, receiving that invite was a dream come true for me. 

I immediately filed for a 3-day vacation leave and I left for Tagbilaran at 9:20AM on March 6th. I arrived at Tagbilaran Port around 11:30-ish and was greeted by Kuya driver from one of The Bellevue Bohol’s transport services. I honestly felt like a VIP. I was the only one Kuya fetched from the port because I was the only Cebu blogger who took part of the trip (Gian and Sheila from Adrenaline Romance unfortunately declined due to a prior appointment) and the other bloggers I will be joining with all came from Manila and arrived at an earlier time. 

I arrived at The Bellevue Bohol past 12 noon and was greeted with their huge and beautiful lobby. I was given my key card and so I went upstairs and checked in. As I placed all my bags, I opened the door to the balcony and wow, I was welcomed with a stunning view from where I was. From that moment on, I fell in love with The Bellevue Bohol and here I am sharing to you why I did. 

1. Amazing view

The Bellevue Bohol stays true to what they guarantee their guests — to turn your vacation into an exciting and memorable one. Because it was indeed true to me. I mentioned earlier that my memories of this place are still so alive and vibrant in my head. Every corner of the resort is just so beautiful that you would wish you could wake up everyday to a view as colorful and as beautiful as what you’ve witnessed at The Bellevue Bohol. 

2. Spacious room with excellent amenities

All bloggers part of the trip were fortunately given the Deluxe Ocean View Room. The first time I went inside my room, I was amazed by how huge it was considering that I will be staying in it the entire three days alone. I was very overwhelmed that I was not able to take photos of the room immediately because I roamed around like a little child going in to a playroom for the first time. I took photos of my room the next day when their nice staff made up my room. 

This is how my room looks like upon entering. On the left side is a four-door cabinet where you can store and hang your clothes. The cabinet is where the iron, ironing board, hair dryer, and the vault is stored as well. On the right side is the bathroom with a bathtub as you can see below.

I soaked myself into the tub with warm water after we had dinner on our first night. It was so far the most relaxing resort bathtub moments I ever had. 

I jumped in on my bed with my travel clothes on (sorry I got too excited!) to feel how soft and smooth my bed was. I was so tempted to take a nap but I had a lunch meeting to attend to so I can meet The Bellevue Bohol’s marketing folks and the other bloggers as well. Sleep had to wait!

This photo was taken on my first night while waiting for the tub to fill up. The first day was quite a busy day for us and I was eager to finally be able take a bath and rest after a long day. 

I love how The Bellevue Bohol makes sure that you get your much needed time to unwind by providing your temporary abode excellent amenities for an exceptional stay. 

3. Infinity Pool

I guess the best part of The Bellevue Bohol is their infinity pool that gives you a breathtaking view of the wide open sea. On our second day, we were scheduled to go on an island hopping activity but Mervin of and I chose not to go with the others. We wanted to explore the entirety of the resort because it was the only day that we have time to roam around since the third day will be busy preparing to go home. And I, myself, wanted to enjoy the pool as well. 

I woke up as early as 5:30AM with the hopes to capture a time-lapse video of the sunrise. After around 30 minutes of recording, I viewed the video and realized that the sunrise was on the other side. I’m sorry, I’m dumb on the North-South-East-West aspect. Haha! So I went down in my swimming wear and took photos in almost every corner near the beach and the pool and then decided to finally take a dip in the pool. 

4. Wide beach front

The beach front is obviously one of the reasons why I love The Bellevue Bohol because it’s literally the definition of sun, sand, and sea. I love how the area is so wide that gives you ample space to run around the Baywatch way. And the sand was so fine and white too. And since I got up early, I was lucky enough to have my photos taken around the area without photobombers. Hurray! 

5. Getting spoiled with good food

And then of course, the food. Ever since Day 1 up until Day 3, we were so fortunate that The Bellevue Bohol spoiled us with so much good food. I was so full each time we dined that I had to ask for tea every after meal. Lol. 

Day 1 Lunch was spent at Marea where I met all the bloggers for the first time and together we dined al fresco. Marea is located by the seaside beach front where we feasted on fresh seafoods and other delicious dishes. 

Day 1 Dinner was still at Marea but we dined at the upper deck of the restaurant. The sea breeze was so cool and calming in that area and I got to enjoy the lovely view of the infinity pool from afar (as you can see in my photo of the Inifinty Pool at night). Food for dinner was Middle East-themed and most of them were unknown to me except for the shawarma and beef kebab. I didn’t take proper photos of the food because I was too hungry that time already. Most of the food served were surprisingly good though. 

Lamian World Cuisine is where we had our breakfast buffet, dinner during Day 2 and 3, and lunch on Day 3. A huge variety of Filipino and International dishes are crafted that will surely make your dining experience worth it. Day 2 Dinner was amazeballs for me because I tried a Sinigang na Salmon for the first time! I love salmon and sinigang separately and I was amazed how these two went so well together. Ugh, writing this makes me want to have Sinigang na Salmon pronto! 

This was the only decent photo that I was able to take in one of the breakfast buffet I had during my stay. Of course, there’s bacon because bacon is love. I have to say that breakfast meals are the best and the one that I always look forward to. The Bellevue Bohol’s breakfast spread is huge and I always went for cereals or bread and jam first. After that, I giddily went to the main meals section and find my ever favorite breakfast food — fried rice, scrambled egg, bacon, and hot chocolate. Yum!

6. Lots of Instagram-worthy spots

Lastly, one of the things I love about The Bellevue Bohol is because every corner is very Instagram-worthy. For us bloggers, there’s no denying that Instagram is life! We all want to capture picture perfect moments and share it to our friends and followers. Credits go to my trusty tripod and my camera’s timer for all the Instagrammable photos that I was able to capture. And I also give my kudos to The Bellevue Bohol itself for providing their guests a lot of picture perfect spots that are very worth sharing to everyone. 

I thought this jeep was Instagram-worthy because the jeep was too cute not to be included. And I know that you know Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja, so if you followed their posts about their trip to The Bellevue Bohol, you would see that they had a photo taken in this complimentary jeep of The Bellevue Bohol as well. 

When I saw this mini hammock by the beach, I instantly knew it was Instagram-worthy as well. It took me a while to get a decent shot and this was the most decent one of them all. Most of the time, I wished I brought someone with me to lessen the hassle when taking my photos but I realized I should learn how to master the art of taking photos of myself using a tripod. Hopefully soon I can buy a remote or something. Haha 

The entire familiarization trip was so fun despite the fact that I was the only Cebuano in the group. I was so happy to finally meet the bloggers I look up to and know other bloggers for the first time as well. 

I know they can’t read this but I specially thank Mervin of, Melo of Out of Town Blog, Myke of Mix of Everything, and Rhea Bue. They were mostly the people who I was able to talk to throughout the entire trip. And to Mervin, thank you so much for eating breakfasts with me! Haha. Looking forward to seeing you again when you come back here in Cebu! 

My three-day stay at The Bellevue Bohol was as lavish as it can get and my greatest thanks goes to The Bellevue Bohol for inviting me to a very memorable trip that is definitely one for the books! Hope to see you again soon, The Bellevue Bohol! 

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