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Visit Monmartre Paris

Montmartre is Paris’s best neighborhood and is full of wonderful things to see and do. Montmartre can be easily walked in a day, and this walking guide will show you the biggest sights. Allow yourself time to explore, Montmartre is full of cool shops and small streets to explore.

We stayed in Montmartre for 7 days and used it as our home base to explore Paris. Sacre Coeur is here, which is the stunning church on a hill which can be seen from all over the city. There is tons of history in Montmartre as well, if you know where to look. Here’s a a quick guide to get you started so you too can discover Montmartre!

Getting to Montmartre / When to Go

Metro Line 12 (Green one) to Abbesses
Pro-tip: When you exit the train, wait for the elevator, otherwise you will be hiking up around 100 steps!
“Monday is the day Abbesses sleeps.” If you can visit this area and Montmartre in general on any other day, do it.

Morning in Montmartre

Coquelicot Bakery and Restaurant

The most delicious breakfast/brunch of your life. Coffee is served in a bowl. We couldn’t go anywhere else for breakfast, it was that great. Don’t forget to grab a baguette or tart or two on your way out for later. Friendly staff and Bilingual menu. Highly recommend: Croissant amande, Croque Madam, Quiche Lorraine. Before you leave grab their placemat, it’s a free map of Monmartre with all of the best places numbered. They had no problem when we asked for one after buying breakfast there.
After breakfast head out of the building and take a left. Walk to the carrousel, just near the subway exit. Walk to the left of the carrousel, to the little park with a gate.

Coquelicot Bakery and Restaurant

Le mur des je t’aime

It’s a giant wall with ‘I love you’ written in every language imaginable. Take a few lovey pictures with your boo, friends, or family. Or even alone. It’s good to love yourself!

If you’re ready for a little shopping, this area has tons of vintage shops. Exit the park and turn left, walk up the street one block and look to your right for..

Chine Machine

A nice vintage shop with a lot of different options. Their stuff changes daily so if you are in the area a few days later, go back and check again!
Exit the shop and turn right. Head down to the corner and follow the street around to the left. Start up the steps that are straight ahead of you. Turn left and the next set of stairs will be on your right. We’re making our way towards Sacre Coeur, which sits up high on a hill.

Place du Tertre

There are tons of restaurants here so it’s the perfect place to eat lunch. It’s a big square not far from Sacre Coeur. Supposedly this is where Toulouse Latrec and Van Gogh used to hang out. There are still artists here, a plethora of them actually, selling paintings and offering to do your portrait. Next, head over to Sacre Coeur, the hard part is over. From this direction you don’t have nearly as many steps as heading straight up the hill.

Afternoon in Montmartre

Sacre Coeur

Take your time here, this is the cherry on top! The view alone is amazing, you can take some great photos of the city down below. But just wait until you head inside, the church is amazing! Photography is not permitted, though you will see many people breaking the rules, just like anywhere else. I kind of wish I had taken at least one sneaky picture!


Au Lapin Agile

This is a famous Montmartre cabaret with nightly performances that used to be the hangout of many famous artists. Across the street is the last vineyard in Paris.

Le Clos de Montmartre

Surrounded by cute houses and on it’s own little slope, this is the last vineyard in Paris. The 1,000 bottles of wine produced here are auctioned off every year.
Head down Rue de l’Abreuvoir to Place Dalida. Check out the square dedicated to a French music icon and then turn left on Rue Girardon.

Moulin de la Galette

This and Le Moulin Radet are the only 2 of the original 13 mills that used to be in Montmartre. Galette is now a restaurant with a unique atmosphere inside. Keep in mind, it is pretty pricey. The neighborhood is so charming and nice to walk around in.

Dinner Ideas in Montmartre

Walking around Montmartre hungry isn’t easy, there is tons of places to eat! We saw Italian, Greek, African, Chinese, Vietnamese, and of course all of the French food you could ever want. Here are a few that we would recommend.

A la Pomponnette

Recommended to us by our Montmartre host. We didn’t make it there but she highly, highly recommended it and said to try the mille feuille especially! Let us know how it is if you make it there!

Le Carroussel

We had a very nice and affordable dinner here one night. Friendly service and a nice atmosphere. Happy hour drink specials.

Le Carroussel


Really great gourmet grocery store. They have a nice selection of takeaway foods that you can take to your room and heat up. We had one of our most delicious dinners with what we picked up from here and put together.

Greek Food

Same as above. Delicious takeaway food. The address is close to 45 Rue des Abbesses. Look for a blue awning that says Traiteur Grec.

Drinks / Nightlife in Montmartre

Montmartre has no shortage of brasseries and cabarets. From a wild night out to just having a few drinks or snacks, you can find what you are looking for.

Moulin Rouge

We didn’t enjoy walking down Boulevard de Clichy, there were just too many sex shops and peep shows. If you’re looking for this kind of nightlife, between Moulin Rouge and the Pigalle Metro station will give you more than you need. If this isn’t your thing, stick to the smaller streets north of de Clichy.

Moulin Rouge

Le Saint Jean

Located on Rue des Abbesses right across from Coquelicot (our favorite breakfast and brunch place). This place was packed every night of the week we were in Montmartre. Good for a quick cup of coffee in the morning as well, but stand at the counter to get the best price.

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